Besties’ Night Out

Addison and I deemed Friday as Besties’ Night Out (should that be possessive?). We had allowed two months to pass between us without seeing each other. Shame on us. But isn’t that how life is these days? Time feels like a roller coaster lately, a series of peaks and valleys all coming at you at 100 mph. OK, so maybe that analogy sounds a little dramatic. Then again, perhaps not.

When I arrived at Josephine’s Bistro, I found Addison settled into our table with a bottle of red already uncorked. We had a lot of ground to cover.

Addison suggested we tackle the last two months of our lives Jeopardy-style by dividing our topics of conversation into categories. I’ll take holiday plans for $200 please, Alex. In the span of three hours we covered family, health, blogging, writing, good reads, good flicks, work, stress, loved ones, conflicts, resolutions and on and on …

It wasn’t until 10:30 when we looked around and realized the restaurant had emptied out — as did our wine glasses. Evidence of good conversation and great company.






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